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ASC International offers a wide range of automated optical inspection (AOI) systems from our economic AV Series to the powerful and innovative SAM technology produced by CyberOptics Corporation.

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AV 860 Series

AV 862 Series

The AV862 Series of AOI solutions from ASC International provides manufactures with a solid platform to validate the overall variables associated with component placement. Absence / presence, polarity, OCR, solder inspection and lead quality can all be detected with low false call rates. Offered at a price, too good to be true. Call Today and Start Believing!

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AV 870 Series

AV 871 Series

The AV871 Series of AOI solutions from ASC International builds upon the industry leading AV862 Series with the addition of a larger platform to manage oversized boards. Accepting boards as large as 22" x 26", the AV871Series meets the needs of those companies requiring large board capacity.

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