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Vision Pro 300

The VisionPro M300 system is sophisticated, true 3D technology coupled with an intuitive Windows® XP Pro / Windows 7 OS and packaged in a rugged, bench-top platform designed for show, engineered for the most advanced measurement requirements found within the SMT stencil printing process.  Utilizing the completely automatic measurement mode, errors associated with manual measurement subjectivity are eliminated making the VisionPro M300 an exceptional value for the electronics manufacturers concerned with improving production yields.

Vision Pro Series

System Features:

  • Attractive Space saving Design
  • Best in Class Gage R&R 
  • Measure Height, Area, Volume 
  • SPC Run Charts/Data Reports
  • 3D - Qualitative Analysis
  • Service Free USB Interface
  • ZERO Cost Online Training

System Includes:

  • Windows® XP / Window 7
  • Large ESD Safe Work Surface
  • One -Year, End User Warranty
  • High Resolution CCD Camera
  • Dell® PC / 19" LCD Monitor
  • Optional Manual X-Y Stage
  • Optional NIST Calibration Tool

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