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Vision Pro Series

Vision Pro 150

The VisionPro M500 system is sophisticated, true 3D technology coupled with an intuitive Windows® XP Pro / Windows 7 OS. Packaged in a rugged, bench top platform designed for show, engineered for the most advanced measurement requirements found within the stencil printing process.  Offering a larger FOV sensor for better coverage and real-time, integrated SPC run charts and data reports, the VisionPro M500 provides exceptional value for the electronics manufacturer concerned with improving production yields.

Vision Pro Series

System Features:

  • Attractive Space saving Design
  • Best in Class Gage R&R 
  • Measure Height, Area, Volume 
  • SPC Run Charts/Data Reports
  • 3D - Qualitative Analysis
  • Service Free USB Interface
  • ZERO Cost Online Training

System Includes:

  • Windows® XP / Window 7
  • Large ESD Safe Work Surface
  • One -Year, End User Warranty
  • High Resolution CCD Camera
  • Dell® PC / 19" LCD Monitor
  • Optional Manual X-Y Stage
  • Optional NIST Calibration Tool

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