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ASC International

ASC International is an authorized solution provider for CRITERION™ Vantage software by Siemens. A manufacturing strategy built on SPC (Statistical Process Control) software is the key to producing consistently better products. ASC International can deliver a total solution by customizing and integrating the CRITERION™ package to fit your company’s specific requirements. You will see less scrap and rework, as well as increased yields and profits with an ASC International/CRITERION™ SPC solution.

Siemens CRITERION™ SPC Software 

Siemens Criterion SPC

  • Increased Quality
  • Decreased down time
  • Less re-work
  • Increased cost effectiveness
  • Increased profit margin
  • Satisfied customers




  • Relational database recall
  • Configurable data entry screen
  • Unlimited data tags for defects, samples, subgroups
  • Configurable warnings with on/off control
  • Simultaneous product and process orientation
  • Chart appearance can be changed and saved for future use and reporting
  • Build and save a workspace of related charts
  • Charts with real-time, automatic updates with user definable refresh rates

Real-time Statistical Process Control Solution

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