Benchtop 3D SPI

You’ll Like Our Benchtop 3D SPI Systems

We think you’ll like our Benchtop 3D machines and will want to incorporate them into your printed circuit board assembly environment. A great deal has changed with inspection and measuring systems. Old technology would have had you utilizing a much slower process, but as you know, technology evolves and increases in efficiency. In most cases, at a faster rate. Our equipment is capable of meeting the requirements of your PCB production. Our benchtop units are highly innovative and designed to provide measurements that are pad specific when solder paste has been deposited.

Incorporate Our Bench Top 3D SPI Systems

We take pride in the efficiency and quality of our Benchtop 3D SPI equipment. Our machines utilize the latest engineering and advanced requirements for measuring, which helps produce high accuracy when it comes to solder paste inspection. When it’s important for you to know the volume of solder paste that is being deposited per pad, you can rely on our accuracy and high-quality technology to get the job done right. We know how important it is to make sure that the inspection process stays accurate during your production process. Our engineers have designed our Bench Top 3D SPI machines to report the tiniest of problems when something goes wrong during your assembly line process.

display visionpro sp3d SMT & SPI - Automated AOI

Our Bench Top 3D SPI Equipment Let’s You Take Control

We know that you are highly concerned with improving your production yields when you are manufacturing your products. When you use our SPI equipment, you’ll be tapping into a few key features and benefits:

  • ESD safe work surface
  • High-resolution inspection technology
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Fast programming
  • Efficiency and speed

Our dedication to current technology means that our machines will let you take control of your assembly line process. You can expect high-performance, whether it’s for a random sample inspection, batch production or another application.