If you manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs), you need Cyberoptics solder paste inspection equipment. These systems offer incredible speed, resolution, accuracy, and ease-of-use, and they will find defects quickly and accurately. You will be able to correct any errors and know that your PCBs are functional.

Benefits of Cyberoptics Solder Paste Inspection Equipment

It is important to detect errors as quickly as possible so that they can be corrected. Cyberoptics solder paste inspection equipment is able to measure the volume of solder paste so that it can find critical errors quickly and early on in the process. If the solder paste is accurate, you will know that there is a different issue.

Using this machine offers the following benefits:

  • Improves the quality of PCBs
  • Increases process control and operational efficiency
  • Establishes repeatable and verifiable standards
  • Reduces rework costs
  • Improves uptime, throughput, and yields

How Does the Cyberoptics Solder Paste Inspection Equipment Work?

The equipment accurately and quickly uses Multi-Reflection Suppression sensor technology to identify and reject any reflections that are caused by shiny components and surfaces. This process allows for highly accurate measurements, which makes it efficient for discovering critical errors early on in the process.

Cyberoptics solder paste inspection equipment is an important part of the manufacturing process. It can detect the exact amount of solder paste used, and it knows the correct volume and area so that you will immediately know whether the process is correct. If the process is correct, it helps to find other defects so that they can be corrected.

Unique Cyberoptics MRS Technology

Cyberoptics takes the process to a new level with MRS (Multi-Reflection Suppression) sensor technology. It increases accuracy by inhibiting the smallest distortions and reflections. This leads to incredibly accurate inspection. When you are manufacturing PCBs that require functionality, it is critical to improve the process and reduce any potential for defects. This technology makes it possible.

When you are able to detect defects early on in the manufacturing process, you will be able to have confidence that your PCBs are functional and defect-free. You need solder paste inspection equipment that can detect even the smallest of defects, and it needs to work quickly and accurately.

The Cyberoptics solder paste inspection equipment does this and is the leader in SPI because of its proprietary MRS technology. You will save time and costs because the equipment will identify defects and flaws early in the manufacturing process.