Solder paste inspections were implemented so that manufacturers can monitor the solder paste alignment and volume during the printing process. Research has shown that the volume of solder is directly linked to the quality and reliability of joints, and having an inspection ensures that the amount used is adequate for functionality. If you manufacture printed circuit boards, you should have a solder paste inspection in Florida.

It Detects the Volume of Solder Paste

A solder paste inspection in Florida will use an angle camera to take 3D pictures that can measure the alignment and volume of the solder paste. In addition, it uses software that can provide information to learn what causes any defects. If they are not caused by the solder paste, you can gain insight into what may have caused them.

Solder Paste Printing Process Is Responsible for Most Defects

One of the most important reasons that you need a solder paste inspection in Florida is that solder paste is responsible for most of the assembly defects. The problem is that too much or too little paste creates a situation where the joints are unreliable. An inspection can detect this problem for you.