LineMaster DMI

The LineMaster DMI is a revolutionary platform combining the best of ASC International’s 3D SPI sensor technology with its sophisticated image and algorithm based AOI sensor technology into a dual purpose, single source solution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fully Automated 3D Solder Paste Height and Automated Optical Inspection
  • High Resolution Color Camera with PSI Technology
  • Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro OS
  • Fully Integrated SPC Run-time charts and Custom Reports
  • Offline Defect Review Station Software
  • Two-Year, End-User Warranty with Technical Support
  • 14″ x 18″ Inspection Area – Up to 22″ x 26″ and More
  • NIST Traceable Standard
  • Hardware/Software Reference and Online Help

SPI Specifications

Inspection Speed .33 Sec./FOV
Height Accuracy 1µm (0.04 mils)
Gauge R&R <<10% (+/- 40% Tolerance)
Z Resolution 1.78 µm (.07 mils)
Lateral Resolution (X-Y) 8µm (.3 mils)
Minimum Paste Deposit 51µm (2 mils)

AOI Specifications

Technology Image Modeling – Algorithm Based
Defect Analysis Missing, Incorrect Part, Bridging, Polarity, Tombstone
Solderability, Alignment, Lifted or Bent Leads, etc.
Board Capacity 14″ x 18″ Standard – Up to 22″ x 26″
Lighting Scheme RGBW
Lateral Resolution (X-Y) 12µm – 15um -18um
Minimum Component Size 01005