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Solder Paste Inspection

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Automated Optical Inspection

2D AOI – 3D AOI – Dual Mode AOI

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DVI & General Metrology

Video Inspection and 3D Metrology

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ASC International

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ASC International helps electronics manufacturers worldwide improve production yields and profits through the utilization of our industry leading portfolio of 3D Solder Paste Inspection systems, 2D-3D Automated Optical Inspection systems, Digital Video Inspection systems and 3D Metrology systems.  ASC works closely with its customers to develop a custom yield improvement strategy that works… Guaranteed.

The Evolution of ASC International’s products… From the original LaserVision SP2D and VisionMaster® line of SPI systems to the most current VisionPro Series SPI and AV862 Series AOI systems, ASC International’s primary focus since 1992 has been to provide the most cost effective solutions to the global electronics industry. With over 25 years of industry experience, ASC International has the right tool to meet your most demanding AOI, SPI, Digital Video Inspection or General Metrology requirements.

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Why You Need ASC International 3D Inspection Equipment

If you manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs), you need ASC International solder paste inspection equipment. These systems offer incredible speed, resolution, accuracy, and ease-of-use, and they will find defects quickly and accurately. You will be able to correct...

Cost of Automated Optical Solder Paste Inspection Machines?

Cost of Automated Optical Solder Paste Inspection Machines?

When you create PCBs, you will need to inspect the solder paste on the boards. It is important that the amount of solder paste used is accurate; otherwise, the PCB will be defective, and the electronics will not work properly. You can use an automated optical solder...

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