VisionPro Merlin XL

The VisionPro Merlin XL AOI solution from ASC International builds upon the industry leading Merlin with the addition of a larger platform to manage over sized boards. Accepting boards as large as 26" x 22", the Merlin XL meets the needs of those companies requiring large board capacity.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Programming by Centroid / CAD (CPL Data)
  • Realtime SPC Charts
  • Custom Reports
  • Program Optimization
  • OCR Recognition
  • CAD Import Programming
  • Large 24″ x 16″ Inspection
  • Windows 10 Pro OS
  • Sturdy Stand-alone Platform
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Optional Defect Review Work Station


Technology Image Modeling – Algorithm Based
Defect Analysis Missing, Incorrect Part, Bridging, Polarity, Tombstone
Solderability, Alignment, Lifted or Bent Leads, etc.
Board Capacity 24″ x 16″ Standard – Up to 26″ x 22″
Lighting Scheme RGBW
Lateral Resolution (X-Y) 10µm – 15um 
Minimum Component Size 01005