Solder Paste Inspection Equipment

ASC International is your Global supplier of 3D Solder Paste Inspection Equipment. Check out our full line of 3D SPI equipment to see how we can increase your production yields and overall product quality through a strategic implementation of ASC’s many unique 3D Solder Paste Inpection solutions.  Contact ASC International or a dealer near you for a live onsite demo of our 3D Solder Paste Inspection systems.

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LaserVision SP3Dm

Affordable 3D SPI



VisionPro M Series

Best in Class 3D SPI


VisionPro AP Series

Fully Automated 3D SPI

VisionPro HSi

High Speed Offline SPI

LineMaster Fusion 3D

Inline 3D SPI - Under $50K

LineMaster DMI

Dual Mode 3D SPI - AOI