Contract Inspection Services

ASC International is your service provider for precise, non-contact laser-based 3D inspection services for soft, pliable or highly contoured parts. With more than 25 years of contract inspection services, you can count on ASC with all of your measurement application requirements.
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LaserVision Technologies, a division of ASC International, is your source for laser-based measurement services. Providing high resolution, non-contact measurement services across a wide range of industries, including the Electronic, Industrial/Mechanical and Medical fields, LVT’s contract inspection services gives you the results you need without the excessive overhead involved with purchasing additional equipment.
With sub-micron resolution as fine as 0.30µm, laser-based measurement is ideal for measuring soft, wet, pliable or highly fragile objects, highly contoured surfaces and micro-precision parts. This non-destructive testing is precise and repeatable with all of the data archived in an ASCII format.
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LaserVision Technologies provides precise, non-contact contract inspection services for soft, pliable or highly contoured parts. Our Inspection Center contains a variety of laser and optical dimensional measurement systems to help solve your difficult measurement problems. Our technical staff will work with you to develop an inspection plan and customized report that can include Statistical Process Control (SPC) Information and 3-D graphical images of your inspected parts.

Perfect for:

  • Semiconductors
  • Circuit Boards
  • Disk Drive Components
  • Electronic Components
  • Machined Parts
  • Plastic Molded or Extruded parts
  • Automotive Products
  • Medical Products
  • more.