VisionPro APXT incorporates the sophisticated 3D measurement technology found in ASC International's VisionPro AP500 systems in a production-ready positioning and fixturing system capable of handling double-sided SMT assemblies as large as 18" x 22" (450 mm x 550 mm). APXT automates the 3D solder paste measuring process and provides the accuracy and repeatability Electronic Manufacturers have come to expect from ASC International.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fully Automated Height/Volume Measurements
  • Integrated SPC Run Charts and Data Reports
  • Color 3D Profiles of Measured Features
  • Windows® 7 Pro / 10 Pro OS
  • Two-Year, End-User Warranty
  • VisionPro 3D Sensor
  • Dell® PC and LCD Monitor
  • 18″ x 22″ (450 mm x 550 mm) Inspection
  • Optional NIST Calibration Standard
  • Hardware/Software Reference Guides


Inspection Speed .33 Sec./FOV
Height Accuracy 1µm (0.04 mils)
Gauge R&R <<10% (+/- 40% Tolerance)
Z Resolution  .48 µm (.019 mils)
Lateral Resolution (X-Y) 6.8µm (.27 mils)
Minimum Paste Deposit 51µm (2 Mils)