VisionPro SP3D

The VisionPro SP3D offers laser based accuracy for repeatable and reliable height measurements. Area and Volume can be calculated using template designs from Gerber import or user defined regions. The ASCan Ultra software package drives the interface to a whole new user experience. Simple to operate, onboard SPC charting with custom data reports and a familiar Window 7 / 10 Pro OS makes the VisionPro SP3D is an easy choice when it comes to an accurate and reliable 3D Solder Paste Inspection solution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Attractive Space Saving Design
  • Measure Height, Area, Volume
  • SPC Run Charts/Data Reports
  • 3D – Qualitative Analysis
  • Service Free USB Interface
  • ZERO Cost Online Training
  • Windows® 7 / 10 Pro OS
  • Large ESD Safe Work Surface
  • One-Year, End-User Warranty
  • High-Resolution CCD Camera
  • Dell® PC / 21″ LCD Monitor
  • Optional 3D Laser Scanning



Inspection Speed 60 frames/sec.
Static Repeatability 2.5 μm (.1 mils)
Gage R & R (+/- 50% tolerance) <10%
Height Accuracy on Cal Target 2 μm (.08 mils)
Minimum Paste Deposit Size (X,Y) 127 μm (5mils)