When you create PCBs, you will need to inspect the solder paste on the boards. It is important that the amount of solder paste used is accurate; otherwise, the PCB will be defective, and the electronics will not work properly. You can use an automated optical solder paste inspection machine to do this, and you may need to know the Automated optical inspection price.

What Determines the Price of an SPI Machine?

There are different factors that determine the automated optical inspection price. It can range from $50,000 to $200,000 or more, depending on the features. It is worth the money because this machine will let you know if your PCBs are going to be functional or not.

SPI Hardware and Software

The machine’s hardware costs are made up of the following components:

  • Recognition system
  • Mechanism system
  • Controller system
  • Manufacture cost

In addition, the machine has software that is used for the inspection process as well as analytics. These two systems together will help to determine the price of the machine.

Special Requests for SPI Equipment

Another factor in the cost is any special requests, such as asking for training or extending the warranty. This can increase the cost of the machine.

Expected SPI Profit Improvement Rates

Manufacturers assign a profit rate to different automated optical inspection machines, and this will be reflected in the price. Newer models will have a higher profit rate, whereas older models may be outdated and will have a lower profit rate.

SPI Manufacturer

In addition, different manufacturers will offer automated optical inspection machines for different price ranges. You will want to research the different companies and choose one that has good reviews and newer machines.

Type of SPI Machine

You also need to factor in other features of the type of machine. If you are looking at 3D versus 2D, the 3D system is far more accurate, but it is also more expensive. Another feature is AOI systems that are online or those that are offline. Some machines can check both sides of the PCB, whereas others can only check one at a time. There are different features, which will play a role in the price.

When you want to know the automated optical inspection price, you will need to do some research, but these machines range in price depending on your specific needs. You should choose the best machine that fits your budget, as this machine saves you a lot of time and money when you manufacture PCBs.