VisionPro HSi

VisionPro HSi is high speed, sophisticated 3-dimensional solder paste measurement system coupled with an intuitive Windows® user interface, and packaged in a rugged, bench-top portable system designed for the electronics production floor. With only a few minutes training, an operator can perform accurate 3D measurements of solder paste pads, BGA’s and many other PCB features. VisionPro’s completely automatic solder paste measurement process eliminates operator errors and offers excellent measurement repeatability.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fully Automated Solder Paste Height/Volume Measurements
  • Color 3D Profiles of Measured Features
  • Windows® Windows 7 OS
  • Two-Year, End-User Warranty with Technical Support
  • VisionPro 3D Camera Assembly
  • Dell® PC and LCD Monitor
  • 14″ x 18″ Inspection Area
  • NIST Traceable Standard
  • Hardware/Software Reference and Online Help


Inspection Speed .33 Sec./FOV
Height Accuracy 1µm (0.00004”)
Gauge R&R <<10% (+/- 40% Tolerance)
Z Resolution 1.78 µm (,00007”)
Lateral Resolution (X-Y) 8µm (.003”)
Minimum Paste Deposit 51µm (.002”)