3D AOI equipment is designed to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of the manufacturing process. AOI stands for automatic optical inspection, and this equipment is developed using the best technology to detect and service feature defects in PCBs. It will detect the most miniscule of scratches and stains, as well as the volume, area, height, width, and other dimensional defects. For this reason, you will be able to correct any errors before you get too far into the manufacturing process.

Speed, Resolution, and Accuracy of our 3D AOI Equipment

You are able to detect defects in your PCBs with incredible speed and accuracy using high resolution imaging detection. The 3D AOI machine price is well worth the savings in reworks of defective products. When you manufacture a defective PCB, it will lose its functionality, and the devices it runs won’t last. Being able to produce fully functional PCBs that are reliable quickly and efficiently increases your bottom line.

What Does 3D AOI Equipment Do?

When you use 3D AOI equipment and machines in your manufacturing process, they are able to scan each part of the PCB for accuracy. If the solder paste has too much volume or has any inconsistency, the machine will detect it. You will be able to find other defects more quickly by ruling out the solder. The 3D AOI machine price will be absorbed over time because your products will be reliable and accurate. You can emerge as a leader in the field.

AOI machines that use Multi-Reflection Suppression sensor technology are able to identify and reject any reflections caused by shiny components and surfaces. This leads to incredibly accurate measurement. When you are able to have the highest possible levels of accuracy in the measuring process, you can have confidence in the PCBs you produce.