Benchtop SPI

Benchtop SPI Systems Help Eliminate Defects

With the demand by consumers for smaller products that also have more functions, it creates a challenge for the surface mount technology (SMT) process. During the manufacturing process, it’s important to keep the number of defects as low as possible when creating printed circuit boards (PCBs). Solder paste inspection (SPI) systems are often placed into the production line in order to ensure that there is a proper amount of solder per pad. Our Benchtop SPI machines can assist with the high-quality 3D inspection that you require in your production line assembly process.

Incorporating Our Benchtop SPI Equipment into Your Production Line

A good amount of engineering and technology has been implemented into the creation of our Bench Top SPI systems. This has made them highly accurate when used for SPI. We know that it’s crucial for your manufacturing process to have the correct volume of solder paste when it’s deposited. Having a proper amount of solder ensures that when components are picked from their respective packages, they will hold and stay in place. Our machines can assist you in improving your process as well as tolerance settings. Without the proper volume of solder, component placement will suffer and defects may start to occur without you being aware of them.

Benchtop SPI Systems

High-Quality Bench Top SPI Machines

By using our specialized Bench Top SPI equipment for your production line assembly process, you will be utilizing the latest electronics inspection equipment in the PCB manufacturing industry. We’re proud to be a leader in offering high-quality machines that will also make it convenient to integrate into your production line. You’re probably aware that in most situations when there is a defect, it occurs during the solder paste printing process. Having the appropriate equipment can do a great deal to cut down on any problems. Our units provide fast programming and highly accurate measurements so that you can ensure that your assembly line is running quickly and smoothly.

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