If you manufacture PCBA’s, you need to have a solder paste inspection system to make sure that your PCBA’s are quality assembled for complete reliability. This inspection will use a special 3D camera to check the height and volume of your solder paste and make sure that the right amount is being printed. This inspection can help you to make immediate corrections and reduce errors in the PCBA manufacturing process.

How a Solder Paste Inspection Works

When you have a solder paste inspection system, the operator will use the high resolution camera to take 3D images of the specified solder paste deposits. It has the added benefit of being able to measure the height, so it can determine the volume of the solder paste that was used. Solder paste is ineffective when too much or too little is used, so it is critical to make sure that it has the exact amount needed for functionality.

SPI Will Help You Find & Reduce Soldering Errors in Your PCBA Manufacturing Process

In addition to detecting the volume and alignment of the solder paste, a solder paste inspection system will let you know if there are other errors in your process. This is extremely beneficial because it allows you to develop a process that has fewer errors, which will save time and money.