TableTop 3D SPI

A 3D SPI System Is More Efficient

The method of surface mount technology (SMT) has largely replaced the conventional construction method of using through-hole technology to mount components onto a printed circuit board (PCB) surface. With the introduction of SMT, a manufacturer can take a wide variety of different service mount device (SMD) component packages and place them into smaller assemblies by using an automated system. However, with this technological advancement, it still requires a thorough inspection of the service mount assembly process. By using our TableTop 3D SPI machines, it helps ensure that the process is working correctly.

TableTop 3D SPI Systems

Utilize Our TableTop 3D SPI Equipment for Solder Paste Inspection

If you’re a manufacturer of PCBs, you may be using a solder paste printing machine that has the option of using an inspection process that is automatic. If you’ve ever utilized this feature, you know that the process can be extremely time-consuming. In contrast, by adding one of our TableTop 3D SPI systems to your assembly line, it will help enable an inspection that is quicker and much more thorough. Our Table Top 3D SPI machines have the ability to inspect the solder paste volume for each pad, which is much more efficient than just inspecting the print area.

Increase Quality with Our Table Top 3D SPI Systems

When you work with our company, you’ll be utilizing Table Top 3D SPI equipment that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We are a leader in creating systems that can be easily integrated into your production line so that your process accuracy is increased. Our equipment provides speed, reproducibility and highly accurate measurements. A tabletop solution has a smaller footprint, which makes it ideal for use with smaller lot sizes. If your goal is to reduce defects, increase the quality of the finalized products you produce and lower the costs associated with your production, you’ll appreciate the units that we offer.

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