TableTop SPI

Your Production Line Requires High-Quality 3D Paste Inspection

In the past, a PCB production line would include the through hole technology method to assemble different types of components onto a printed circuit board (PCB). Fortunately, your manufacturing process has become quicker and more efficient with the method of utilizing service mount technology (SMT). Yet, as you know quite well when one type of new technology is introduced, it often requires an increase in technology in other areas, especially if you are working with equipment in a production line. Our TableTop SPI systems are a part of that new technology that has been introduced after the SMT method was created. By utilizing our TableTop SPI machines, you’ll have a higher quality of inspections.

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TableTop SPI Equipment Creates A Quicker Solution

ASC International’s Table Top SPI systems are used to help assist with your post print inspection process. Reliable 3D measurements of true height, area and volume are made with high accuracy. As you know, the inspection process is vitally important as it helps create more efficiency, which also helps in cutting costs for production. We know that by adding our equipment, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that problems are going to be sorted out much quicker and profits will be added to your bottom line. Make ASC International’s 3D tabletop SPI part of your overall quality assurance program.

Our Table Top SPI Machines Use Current Technology

When you are incorporating Table Top SPI equipment into your mix of manufacturing and inspection units, you want to know that you can rely on a high-quality machine that has the most current technology. You can rest assured that when you partner up with our 3-D measurement technology, you’ll be receiving the highest reliability and accuracy that’s possible. Our Products provide high-performance and are designed to allow for fast programming and simple user interface. Let our machines provide you with a solid SPI solutions and a significant increase in overall quality.